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tumblrthemesfree.com welcomes you to our FREE Tumblr Themes Download Gallery. Here you can find and download the best collection of Tumblr themes that too for free. At tumblrthemesfree.com, we’ve curated index of some of the finest tumblr themes of the best developers. All tumblr themes that you find here are hand picked but wait that’s not the best part. The best part is, you can download these premium quality themes completely free of cost. The themes are chosen on the basis of pure style and attractiveness, flexibility and responsiveness, intuitive options for layout design. They accomplish most of the crucial needs of a contemporary website be it business, ecommerce, photography, personal, magazine or portfolio. Our repository has free tumblr themes for all your needs.

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Website owners make every effort to offer an appealing, user-friendly and also attention-grabbing homepage to their target market. Tumblr supplies all these advantages along with the most user-friendly as well as obtainable arrangement and upkeep alternatives out of any other material management system. No doubt about what a good tumblr theme can do to a website.

Selecting the right premium tumblr themes not only provide an unique appearance, but likewise provides additional modification alternatives. The free Tumblr themes that we have gathered here to download have precise layouts and exactly what you need for style.

How to install Tumblr Themes

Follow the steps below to install a free tumblr theme downloaded from our website.

  1. Download the Tumblr theme that suit your needs very well.
  2. The theme will be saved in your downloads directory. If the file is a zip file, unzip it.
  3. There should be one .txt file after unzipping. Open the .txt file in a text editor. You can use Atom for the Mac or Notepad on the PC.
  4. Open the file, you’ll find a bunch of HTML. This is the theme code. The entire document should be highlighted (command+A on the Mac or ctrl+A on the PC) and copied (command+C on the Mac or ctrl+C on the PC).
  5. Login to Tumblr (if you haven’t already). Do one of the following:
    • Choose your blog from the menu on the top right of the Dashboard, then click “Customize.”
    • Click the Edit Theme button on the top right corner of the web view of your blog (yourblog.tumblr.com).
    • Click the gear icon at the top of the Dashboard to visit Settings. Choose your blog from the menu on the right, then click “Edit Theme.”
    • install tumblr theme

        install tumblr theme
  6. You should now be looking at your blog’s customize options. A theme will already be installed. The default Tumblr theme is Optica. Regardless, click on the Edit HTML link under the theme name.
  7. Now you will be looking at a bunch of HTML. Replace all of the HTML code with the one  that you copied from your text editor.
  8. Click the Update Preview button. If it looks good, then click Save.
  9. Congrats! Your theme is now installed.

Below is a video guide to help you understand install Tumblr themes.

About Tumblr

Tumblr was founded in 2007 by David Karp and since 2013 it is owned by Yahoo. Tumblr serves the purpose of social networking and provides the platform for micro blogging. It is a short way of creating a blog by allowing users to post various contents and multimedia. It also has the feature of making your blog private and following other users blogs as well. The dashboard interface plays a major role in this where you can post in your blog as well as the content of followed blogs also appear on it. Till date Tumblr is the hub for 290.2 million blogs, 132.6 billion posts and 377 employees. The headquarters of Tumbler are in New York and it is available in 16 languages so far. It gives you the liberty of customizing everything from colours to the HTML themes and much more. It single handily serves the purpose of many lifestyle bloggers by allowing them to post photos, content, videos, links, music and much more and allowing them to reach their content to larger audiences. Now we will let you know in detail about this micro blogging website and its various features.

What is Tumblr?

You may have observed various people on Twitter complaining about Tumblr outages. If you are not one of the users of Tumblr then you are not aware about all this fuss and outages but for the Tumblr addicts this fuzz have been like someone snatching their most lovable thing. I will explain you in detail that why people are so devoted towards this social media platform. As explained you earlier that Tumblr is a micro blogging site that is somewhere between Twitter and established blog. Like Twitter, there is no restriction in the length of the posts here but the tradition here follows short updates which are easy to read and understand. The most outstanding feature of the Tumblr that makes it stand tall among other social media platforms is that it divides the posts by various types like text, quote, video, photo, audio, link and chat. Similar to the twitter, you have to follow people and their blogs to get updated with the latest news. Tumblr has become the place for millions of users to update their blogs and let them reach to larger people through this medium.

How to use Tumblr?

If you are just a beginner and want to use Tumblr for the first time then you just need to follow these simple steps. These steps will help making you familiar with this micro blogging platform where billions of posts are updated on a daily basis.

  • Sign up for Account: First you have to go to Tumblr website and click on the sign up option. Choose your name to be displayed on the dashboard of the site. This username is not permanent though and you can alter the changes afterwards.
  • Know 7 types of posts: Before starting with Tumblr you need to know seven different types of posts that this social media network offers their users. These posts are text, audio, video, quote, link, chat and photos. You can create your blog related to these given posts.
  • Follow and get your own followers: Just like Twitter you have to follow other Tumblr users and by doing this their posts will get updated on your dashboard and this process will follow the other way as well when you will post something. To make your post reach larger audiences, you need maximum followers on your account.
  • Re-blog and like: This option is also similar to twitter only where you can like the posts of other people and also re-blog if you want their posts to appear on your dashboard account.
  • Understand messages: This will function when you allow access to your Ask Box. In this you will receive questions from the random visitors or Tumblr users. And the answers to these questions will reflect on your dashboard.
  • Customizing your Tumblr account: All the below mentioned settings can be accessed through Customize page on your dashboard. These settings are Information, theme, appearance, pages, services, community and advanced. Users can have a quick look on these settings for better functioning of the Tumblr account.
  • Posting original content: For good quality optimization it is necessary that your content is unique, images are significant and your blog is relevant to the theme. All these things do make a count for good Tumblr blog.

How to create blog on Tumblr?

Blogs can be created through various means nowadays and Word press blogs are highly recommended for easy optimization. In Tumblr you can easily create you blog just like Word press. Various steps involved in creating a blog on Tumblr are:

  • Make your first post: After choosing from the set of posts that you want to make, you are directed towards that particular blog screen. For example if you want to make a texted blog then that particular screen will appear in front of you. There you have to add a suitable title and unique content afterwards in the body section. Tumblr will post your blog by default but if you want further editing then save your post in the drafts. For easy sorting of the articles you can even add tags for your post. You can even add links for redirecting your user to some other relevant source or engage the user by customizing the content.
  • Customize your Tumblr Blog: You can add themes to your blog, profile pictures and even add customized text to your blog for making larger audience attached with your posts.
  • Connecting with other Tumblr users: You can like or reblog the posts of other users or even follow them so that their posts are visible on your dashboard. This will largely help in connecting to greater number of people and vice versa.

These are the best ways of creating your blog on Tumblr and make them reach to large number of people through various features present in the Tumblr account. You can make full use of Tumblr blogs for getting any type of awareness also.