Best Premium Tumblr Themes

Best Premium Tumblr Themes

Facts are facts: Tumblr is one of the fastest growing blogging platforms in the world. Not only that, it combines the best of both worlds: it’s a microblogging platform that’s easier to use than wordpress, and it’s also a social network. Tumblr uses tend to share content much more than wordpress. Notable users include The White House (seriously) and Disney Animation. Companies and marketers are just realizing how influential Tumblr can be to reach out to the public.

So how can you get a competitive advantage? There are thousands of tumblr themes out there, but most of them are either unprofessional-looking, or are ‘freemium’. That means it’s free, but there are developer links and restricted uses. You don’t want your website to be advertising someone else. Luckily there are tons of clean, professional tumblr themes from talented artists that are ready to help you spread your message quickly and effectively.

1. Focus

$30 at Themeforest

Focus - best premium tumblr theme

Focus is a responsive and adaptive Tumblr theme that fits best with image-centric posts. It’s not strictly a ‘portfolio theme’, but it does take multiple images and neatly sorts them into tiles for your post. It also saves multiple versions of your images and automatically shows the best ones based on your website visitor’s device. Whether it’s a tiny iPhone or a 27″ Retina Display Mac, this theme will optimize itself to look great on any display.

Best Feature: Large, Clean Images

Not only that, but if you hover over any image, you are given the option to share it on over a dozen social media accounts. The neat tile interface intuitively organizes the images together for a clean, ordered look. For text, there are many customization options, and the print itself is large and stands out.

Biggest Drawback:

Automation has its price: you can’t specify specific sizes for your images. Instead the theme will choose what it thinks is best for each website visitor. This means that, if you’re especially picky about how you want your post to look, you may get frustrated.


If your tumblr posts are image centric, this is a great theme. While the text is big and easy to read, the posts can look pretty barren if you don’t have images. There are other themes that will make text-based posts stand out a bit more.

Click here to view the Focus Tumblr Theme

2. Squared Magazine Theme

$15 on Themeforest

squared magazine - tumblr themesquared magazine - tumblr theme

You can probably guess from the name that this theme is designed to make your Tumblr look like a Magazine. But when you click through the demo, you will notice that the Squared Magazine Theme is so full featured that it doesn’t even look like a Tumblr. At first glance, it looks like a typical wordpress magazine theme. It has pages, posts, archives, etc. But it also has reblog, follow and all the powerful sharing features that make Tumblr so powerful.

Best Feature: Built in Facebook Like box.

I could say that the best feature is the vast amount of features that this theme comes with. But I’ll single out the Facebook ‘like’ box built into the theme. It gives the theme a nice, professional look. The best part of all these features? This theme is reasonably priced at $15. You can also customize the header to suit your needs.

Biggest Drawback:

The theme isn’t responsive to mobile/desktop devices, but instead shows the same content regardless of what device you’re browsing it with. All the great features I mentioned above? If someone has a slower phone or bad connection, your site may take a while to load.


A beautiful, fully loaded magazine theme that will make your tumblr look and feel a cut above the rest. The lack of responsiveness may turn off some, but when I tried it with my iPhone 5S it worked just fine. Not everyone has a fast smartphone, however.

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